Research Award



The BSSVD includes promotion of excellence in medical research in its goals. We have established a small grant scheme aimed to encourage healthcare staff to undertake investigative research. Funding may be provided up to £10,000. This small grant scheme is particularly aimed to support research that is judged as likely to lead to
• Publication in peer-reviewed journals
• Tangible improvement in vulval disease diagnosis and treatment
• The project must aim to improve the understanding and/or treatment of vulval diseases.
• One entry per member is permitted.
• Applicants must be members of the BSSVD
• A clear statement of rationale and approach is required
• Applicants are required to address the following questions in their submission: Why should we give you the award? What have you achieved so far? What might you plan in the future? What support will your institution give you?
• A two-page report on the progress of the research must be sent to the BSSVD Honorary Secretary one year after the award and annually thereafter. Failure to provide a report will preclude future support for this project and other schemes run by the Society
• The recipient of a BSSVD Research Award will not be eligible to apply for a second award under this scheme. The scientific and/or medical data derived from the work supported by the Grant should be presented at one of the Society’s meetings within 2–3 years of the award. Such data should also be published in peer-reviewed journals. Any publications or related presentations at meetings by the recipient emanating in part or whole from the Society’s support should be duly acknowledged and copies sent to the BSSVD Honorary Secretary.
• The application Process may be downloaded here: Application process 2020

• The application Form may be downloaded here: Download form

Applications are reviewed by the BSSVD Council twice yearly. Applicants will be advised of a decision as soon as practicable after the deadline dates. Submission, either electronically or as a hard copy by post, should be received by the BSSVD secretary Dr Chris Bates. Send Application Here