About Us

The BSSVD is a UK based society working closely with a number of patient groups including the Vulval Pain Society and UKLP (lichen planus).

Council Members

Here we have a list of the BSSVD officers. These people help the BSSVD deliver their service to you, please keep all contact from this website relevant to BSSVD.

Join Today

Members of the British Society For The Study of Vulval Diseases to receive numerous benefits and have the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and support to the education and research in vulval diseases.

Clinics in the UK

We provide a list of Vulval clinics/services offered by BSSVD members in the UK. Some services are multidisciplinary but for the purpose of the list we have indicated the speciality of the lead contact.

News and Events

Here you can find information about recent news and upcoming event from AGM and Meeting notes to the e-bulletin.

Fellowships, Awards & Prizes

The BSSVD supports research into vulval disease and gives small grants when funds allow. Applications are considered twice yearly but please send applications to the BSSVD secretary. We have a NEW! Fellowship Award for 2018/19, please click to find more

Clinical Images

We provide clinical images for different vulval diseases as examples for medical professionals
Warning Explicit Content

Patient Information

There is a lot of good information about vulval conditions already available and therefore we offer links and information on most common vulval conditions.


The e-bulletin is a BSSVD newsletter which we hope to send out 2 or 3 times a year to keep members up to date with what is going on.