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The BSSVD are a charity based in the UK and rely on the support of it's members and donations to continue work and research into Vulval disease.
We are truly grateful for every donation received, you can now donate online by following the link below:


Please note this is an information site, we cannot comment, advise, or refer patients with their individual care

About Us
The BSSVD is a UK based society currently drawn from a range of specialities such as Dermatology, Gynaecology, Genitourinary Medicine, Histopathology and Sexual Health.
Patient Information
There is a variety of useful information about vulval conditions already available, we have tried to provide links for you
Clinics in the UK
The BSSVD has compiled a list of clinics throughout the UK. The map offers a guide to your most local service.
Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us, find out what steps we take to ensure your data is safe with us.