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The BSSVD is a UK based society currently drawn from a range of specialities such as Dermatology, Gynaecology, Genitourinary Medicine, Histopathology and Sexual Health.
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Standards of Care for Vulval Conditions
Reference guide showing standards for both commissioners and practitioners as to what constitutes a good quality service for women with vulval conditions.

Position Statement
The BSSVD council produce short position statements for health professionals.
Laser treatment for Lichen Sclerosus
We are evaluating patient, public and health professional views around the use of laser for vulval lichen sclerosus. Please help using the survey link below
Paget’s Disease: National BSSVD Audit
We are delighted to announce a BSSVD audit designed to capture current UK practice of screening for associated malignancy in patients diagnosed with Vulval Paget’s disease (VPD)
HPV Awareness & Support
The BSSVD are happy to support HPV awareness & education
Research & Support
The BSSVD provide valuable support & awards to training professionals
Clinics in the UK
The BSSVD has compiled a list of clinics throughout the UK. The map offers a guide to your most local service.
Educational Resources
To support health professionals understanding of vulval disease, the BSSVD has developed a number of resources for members. These cover downloadable lectures, resource lists, and flashcards.
Council Members
The BSSVD Council is made up of a mixture of specialists, please follow the link to find out more.
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Find information on how the BSSVD protect your data.