Education & Training

The BSSVD has a strong focus on education and training in vulval disease for all health professionals.

Our vision includes

• That all health professionals who see women with a vulval condition have the knowledge, skills and competencies to assess, investigate, diagnosis and start treatment within their role or are able to refer  patients. This is to enable improved clinical outcomes
• To support, develop a knowledge, skills and competencies framework for post-CCT clinicians who have an interest in vulval disease and /or run a vulval service (and supports revalidation)

There are many national drivers for change
• Need for better clinical outcomes for patients with a long-term condition
• New guidance from the GMC to change the core curriculum
• Workforce challenges in primary and secondary care

Work carried out so far
  • Alignment of the core curricula for trainees (ST 1-5) in gynaecology, genito-urinary medicine and dermatology with agreement of the SAC Chairs (see below)
  • We have submitted cross speciality input to the advanced training skills module for the RCOG
  • Link to details of RCOG specialty training


Our current work includes
  • Development of educational resources eg badged courses, networks.
  • For post CCT trainees there will be a need for further development of knowledge, skills and competencies pan-speciality which will support CPD and revalidation.
  • Future work to map out post CCT and nurses training needs. (Post CCT could be based on the RCOG ATSM vulval disease).
  • Working with the RCOG on the DRCOG examination


Who we are
  • The BSSVD Education and Training group – a multispeciality team reporting to the BSSVD Council
  • The ‘Vulval workforce group’ a multi-speciality team under the British Association of Dermatology Education unit reporting to the BSSVD Council and working alongside the BSSVD Education and Training Group
Advanced Training

Please find our advanced training section

Vulval Disorders

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Core Curriculum

Alignment of core curricula for trainees (ST 1-5)

BSSVD Leaflets

Introductory leaflet to the BSSVD and our work for general distribution

Nurse Specialist Training

You will find valuable guidance for Nurse Specialists

Year on a Page

Activity plan for trainees (ST6/7) with an interest in vulval disease

Setting up a Vulval MDT

Guide for setting up a Vulval MDT

Post CCT Fellowship

Post CCT Fellowship in vulval disease for dermatologists