Who we are

We are a true multidisciplinary society largely made up from the specialties of gynaecology, dermatology, genito-urinary medicine and pathology. Our membership consists of doctors and nurses and we work closely with allied health professionals aligned to vulval disease. This multidisciplinary approach to the speciality enables excellence in clinical outcomes and workforce training. We have a strong commitment to education and training working with our medical colleges striving to achieve high quality standards of care for patients. Our membership currently stands at 297 health professionals from a variety of different specialties.

The objectives of the society

  • The relief of suffering for patients with vulval diseases
  • The promotion of research into the cause and management of vulval diseases
  • The practice, art and science of understanding, diagnosing and managing vulval diseases

Achievements include:

  • Hosting clinical conferences. Our annual meeting was held virtually in May 2021 hosted by Dr Ursula Winters & Dr Stephanie Ogden. It was a huge success despite the Covid-19 disruptions with guests attending from around the world.
  • Guidelines on Vulval pain syndromes (published British Journal of Dermatology).
  • Contribution to the NHS Clinical Knowledge on pruritus vulvae for primary care and first contact physicians.
  • Completed a Cochrane review on lichen sclerosus treatment.
  • Funding and clinically supporting the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership to identify and prioritise the top 10 future research questions for lichen sclerosus.

The BSSVD is proud to be a related society to the International Society for the Study of Vulvolvaginal Disease:
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