Paget's Disease National BSSVD Audit

We are delighted to announce a BSSVD audit designed to capture current UK practice of screening for associated malignancy in patients diagnosed with Vulval Paget’s disease (VPD).

We hope that this is a straightforward audit and value your contributions enormously. Even if you have just one VPD patient please do take part. Consider enlisting the help of your registrars who will be pleased to have a completed national audit in their portfolio. Please see the attached documents for a detailed summary on background and methods, but in case you are pressed for time, here is a very quick guide as to what is required:

Quick Guide 

  1. Find all VPD patients (including female perianal) diagnosed in your service since January 2015
  2. Search by whatever means is best for your local service: this may involve various search methods including from memory, clinic lists, histology database or a combination of all three
  3. Complete one proforma per patient (attached). You will need the clinical notes and the histopathology report to do this.
  4. Return completed proformas/any queries to: by October 31st 2020
  5. You may wish to register the audit with your local governance department.

Many thanks for all your help.

Please do contact us if there are any problems.

Dr Sabrina Khan, Specialist Registrar in Dermatology, Oxford

Dr Susan Cooper, President of BSSVD

Sabrina is your main contact, however if you would like to ask any other question then please email us here Email us