Spring e-bulletin 2017

Spring e-bulletin 2017

Welcome to another BSSVD newsletter where we hope to bring you up to date with what is going
on in the vulval world.
Annual meeting Sheffield March 2017

This meeting run by Julia Palmer was a great success. Many able speakers on a wide range of
topics including vulval lichen planus, acupuncture, anal intraepithelial neoplasia and fat transfer
made for an interesting and informative meeting. The quality of poster and oral presentations
was particularly high this year. It was encouraging to see delegates from a broad range of
specialties including probably our first social science researcher. Congratulations to Dr Caoimhe
Fahy from Bath and the Mayo Clinic who won the prize for best oral presentation on Lichen
planus affecting the female genitalia: A retrospective review of patients at an institution. Well
done to Dr Aurora Almadori from the Royal Free who produced the best poster and was the
recipient of a BSSVD Travel bursary for her poster on Lipotransfer as a regenerative treatment
for lichen sclerosus: results from an open cohort study.

Two day Scientific meeting 2018 in Salisbury

Please save the date for the meeting next year which will take place on 17th-18th May in Salisbury. The local organiser is Abigail Kingston. Details will be available on the website shortly. The 2019 meeting will be in London (organiser Tor Swale).

Research grant

We are proud to announce the award of the largest grant ever made by the BSSVD. £33, 000 will allow research into priority setting for lichen sclerosus. This will be collaboration between the University of Nottingham and the James Lind partnership which has a proven track record of delivering this type of research. Our BSSVD lead is Ros Simpson. We are particularly excited about this research as it will identify and prioritise research uncertainties of importance to patients and healthcare providers. It will also increase the chances of funding for research by grant awarding bodies such as the NIHR as well as increasing the profile of the BSSVD. It will be an excellent way of renewing interest in a neglected disease.

Work Plan for 2017

The council meets twice a year and we aim to be as proactive as we possibly can. There is still much to be done in promoting vulval disease as an important speciality and ensuring that patients get access to uniformly high quality services. With this aim we have decided on a work plan for 2017. Here they are so the membership can rate how we do:

  1. Start work on priority setting partnership
  2. Regular quarterly newsletter
  3. Redesign website with members area to make a clearer distinction between resources
    for patients and resources for members
  4. Curriculum alignment for training in vulval disease between GUM, Gynaecology and
  5. Establish nurse training bursary to allow a nurse to attend a meeting
  6. Start work on a nurse curriculum for vulval disease
  7. Consider change of statutes to abolish need for a sponsor for new applications to the
  8. Update membership leaflet for distribution at meetings
  9. Restart work on guidelines for LP and VIN

Congratulations to Dr Ruth Murphy

Many of you will know the indefatigable Ruth. We are delighted to learn that Ruth is the President Elect of the British Association of Dermatologists. It will be wonderful to have a champion of vulval disease in such high office. We wish her well.

The council is always keen to hear from members if they have suggestions or comments. Please feel free to contact any of us.

Notes From Council Members

Christine Bates, Honorary Secretary writes
We are in the process of updating the membership database and would be grateful if you would let us know of any changes to your contact details so you are kept up to date and informed of news. There will soon be a member only area on the website where this can be done but in the meantime please email admin@bssvd.org

Next year there will be places on council to be filled as members step down so please do think about volunteering. We are looking for members from all specialities who are keen to contribute to the work of the BSSVD and can commit to attending two meetings a year. If you are interested and want to know more please get in contact with either me or Sue. The call for nominations will be sent out in January 2018.

Abigail Kingston, Website Officer writes

The BSSVD is proud to announce the launch of their new website, which is a work in progress. Please take some time to browse the new site. We will be introducing a restricted 'members-only' area for our members to have access to further resources. We are keen to get feedback, but please bear in mind that the site will be changing over the coming months as we refine the features.

Alignment of core curricula for vulval disease

David Nunns, on behalf of the Education and Training Group, writes

  • The BSSVD has set up a cross specialty education and training group focusing on vulval
    disease. Our vision is improved clinical outcomes for patients with a vulval condition and
    that all clinicians in the specialties of gynaecology, genito-urinary medicine and
    dermatology have the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to deliver this.
  • In view of the recent GMC new curriculum standards and the requirement to embed
    generic professional capabilities (GPCs) into all new curricula we are mapping our
    proposed amendments to the GPC framework. Vulval disease is an area where there is a
    need for cross specialty knowledge, skills and competencies and the planned GMC
    changes align well to our interest. The British Society for the Study of Vulval disease, has
    always worked in a cross specialty way; we have worked with various stakeholders
    previously, including the RCOG, BASHH, BAD and patient groups
  • In 2011 we worked with the three SAC groups to enable alignment of the core curricula to
    the benefit of trainees. We feel that in light of the GMC proposals, the workforce
    challenges our specialties face and the need for basic, cross specialty training in vulval
    disease there is room for further modification and we are working on core curricula
    changes with our specialty colleges.
  • Our workgroup is under the British Association of Dermatology Education unit in parallel
    with the British Society for the Study of Vulval disease. Following the changes in the
    curricula, our group will help to develop the necessary training resources to support the
    core curricula building on what is currently available.
  • For post CCT trainees who have an interest in vulval disease and /or run a vulval service
    there will be a need for further development of knowledge, skills and competencies panspecialty
    to support CPD and revalidation which we plan to work on in the future.

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